Ramona Humane Society

Giving Pets a Happy Life

Ramona Humane Society was established in 1969 by a group of passionate women who wanted to do more about abandoned and neglected animals. The organization was led by sisters Maudie Altick and Dorothy Berg, who incorporated and opened an animal shelter in their birthplace in California.

Later on, our clinic moved to where the Animal Medical Center is currently located. In 1992, we built and opened our current shelter at 690 Humane Way in San Jacinto.

History of Naming

Initially, the shelter was known as the Ramona Animal Haven, later converted into the Ramona Animal Shelter, and is now named the Ramona Humane Society. Jeff Sheppard, president and CEO of the Ramona Humane Society, says that the name has changed, but not our work.

Our Motto

Our motto, Advocate, Educate, Adopt, embraces who we are and what we do. We appreciate all your help and aim to make our world a more humane place for animals. We look forward to representing the people and animals of the valley for another 50 years.

How We Do It

We advocate for the humane care of all animals, regardless of their condition. We strive to educate pet owners and the general public on animal needs and the value of responsible pet ownership. We support owners so that all pets are spayed or neutered, and every animal gets its fair share of love in the world. We focus on Adoption to find a caring home for unwanted animals.

Essential Resources

We offer all significant information on animals' care and feed, low-cost spay and neutering services, pet microchipping, and more. Please join us to become animal advocates to assist us in saving maximum animals out there.

- Jeff Sheppard, President/CEO

Our Leadership and Board of Directors

We gratefully acknowledge our board of directors for their valuable time, support, and leadership.

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Andrew Vallejos


New Project (2)

Wayne Disher

Vice Chairperson

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Pam Stull


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Bob Duistermars



Jeff Sheppard

President & CEO


Kris Jensen

Board Member


Denise Glass

Board Member

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Lakshman Koka

Board Member

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Laura Brock

Board Member

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Cindy Gissel

Board Member

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Shelia McLain

Board Member

Jacque Wigle-12

Jacque Wigle

Board Member

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Sean Motlagh

Board Member

Ramona Humane Society

Our Statistics

We feel that transparency is a significant part of being a contracted agency. We want to make our communities realize the realities of a shelter. We want to empower citizens by helping them know how they can make a positive impact by increasing animal adoption and decreasing euthanasia.

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Open Admission Shelter

We are a non-profit and an open admission shelter for four cities. As an open admission shelter, we accept all animals from the cities we serve regardless of whether they are aggressive, old, sick, injured, or underage.

  • Hemet
  • San jacinto
  • Calimesa
  • Beaumont


Ramona Humane Society
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