Lost & Found

Looking for a Lost Pet?

Although we share a helping hand, it remains the owner's responsibility to conduct the search for their lost pet. We have listed out some helpful suggestions to find your pet:

  • Stay in touch with the shelter every two to three days. All the stray animals are held for a minimum of five days. Since you are the one that can correctly identify your pet, it's best if you come in person.
  • Check our website often. We attempt to photograph any animal entering the shelter and then publish under found animals. You can check adoptable animals if your pet has been missing for more than four days.
  • Fill out a lost report before you come to us. You may find Lost dog and lost cat reports at the bottom of the page. Email report back with a photo. If your animal isn't here, please give your animal a full description and any unique markings. Please carry your pet's images to use in the Missing Report or e-mail us at [email protected].
  • You can visit other local animal shelters in person or can contact other animal agencies in your area, veterinarians, pet shops, and groomers.
  • Create flyers with your pet’s description, your name, phone number some reward at the top. It’s better not to put an amount. Post the notices at the shelter, in public areas. You can also search in parks, playgrounds, schools, and homes where other animals live and hangout.
  • Leave notices with neighbors and consult with animal agencies in the city if you have recently relocated. If you have recently moved, leave them your address and telephone updates.
  • Check found pet ads in newspapers, and you can also place lost ads. Get in touch with local radio and cable stations about airing lost announcements. Look on Craigslist.
  • Check all existing license plates, microchips, and other traceable identification records. Change it with the appropriate organization if the details are not up to date.
  • Check Hemet and San Jacinto lost and found pets facebook page. https://www.facebook.com/groups/338704466275839/
  • Be aware that unaltered pets travel much further than altered pets. Expand your search accordingly.
  • When your pet comes to you, do not punish it. Instead, care for it since it might be frightened with this experience.
  • If you locate your pet, you should contact us and all other organizations that have missing reports. Please contact us to inquire for guidance if you need assistance and figure out how to train your pet from leaving again.

Found a Lost Pet?

Please Note: RHS only takes in pets from the City of San Jacinto, Beaumont, and Calimesa. If any pet was found in Ramona’s jurisdiction, please bring it to us, or complete a found animal report (if you can hold it), or call Ramona Animal Control for a pick-up during business hours. You will be asked to provide a valid ID.

Please check the appropriate shelter first before coming to RHS.

Any found pets from the City of Hemet, unincorporated areas of Riverside County like East Hemet, Idyllwild, Valle Vista and the City of Perris go to the County’ San Jacinto Valley Animal Campus (see listings below). Any other surrounding cities may be covered by Animal Friends of the Valley.



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Necessary Steps

Please see the following guidelines if you wish to hold on to the animal and search for the owner. Please note that animals are personal possessions. You must try to find the pet owner with reasonable efforts.

  • Check pet for any identification tags.
  • Post on Facebook group pages of your area for lost and found pets. Hemet and San Jacinto have two groups named “help, my pet is lost in hemet/san jacinto!” and “lost and found pets – hemet and san jacinto.”https://www.facebook.com/groups/338704466275839/
  • Get the animal scanned for a microchip. Any shelter or vet will scan free of charge.
  • Notify area shelters.
  • Post flyers in your local areas, groomers, pet shops, and more.
  • Post ad on craigslist.
  • Post found a report on Petharbor.com with an image.
  • Run an ad in the newspaper. Press-enterprise will run an ad for free for two weeks.
  • Display sign in your front yard found the dog.
  • Lostmydoggie.com offers a free flyer template. They also fax the flyer to local veterinary offices.
  • Use facial recognition from findingrover.com