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Need help? Remember to review our resource guide on the home page for free rehoming options and  financial help.

Intake Fee

At Ramona Humane Society, we accept pets that are surrendered by their owner due to life circumstances, family allergies, financial issues, to name a few reasons. The intake fee for pet surrender is $125 if it is within our jurisdiction, including Beaumont, Calimesa, Hemet, and San Jacinto. We are no longer accepting out of jurisdiction surrendered pets due to surplus volume. Please go to your local shelter. All animals will be examined before they are offered for adoption.

Riverside County’s San Jacinto Shelter also are available to accept owned animals for a fee. Since animals have medical or behavioral conditions, owners need to sign their pet or euthanasia since we don’t have resources to care for them.

Documents Needed

  • Veterinary records and important documents.
  • Fill out the pet information form.
  • Since we are not supported financially by national animal welfare organizations, it costs us around $340 for every animal to accept and care for.
  • This fee includes vaccine costs, deworming, food, and care for a minimum of 5 days or until your pet is rescued or adopted.

Experience Behaviors

Behavioral problems make most owners feel like surrendering their pets. From destructiveness to disobedience, there may be a lot of issues. But, one must consider that pets are also living creatures, and they have the same feeling as humans.

If you can find the right solution to your pet's problems, then you can find them a new family in which both the animal and human will be happier. If your problems cannot be resolved, we request you to try once more.

Need help with decisions?  End of life decision making. Once you have made the decision, Ramona Humane Society will support you through all stages. We know letting go of your pet is the hardest decision. But, when the pet quality of life is diminishing, it is the best thing to do. We have well trained and caring euthanasia specialists that perform the procedure as painlessly as possible.

Ramona Humane Society

End of Life Procedure

All our staff performing euthanasia have received training and certification from a licensed Veterinarian. Our procedures are humane. We do euthanasia by injection only. It is approved by the American Veterinary Medical Association, the ASPCA, and the Humane Society of the United States.

We bring the pet alone to a quiet and comfort it by doing everything to make it calm. We inject a lethal dosage of sodium pentobarbital is injected into a vein. It first put the animal to sleep and stop its heart with no discomfort and pain.

End of Life Rates

We believe that every animal required to be euthanized must feel the compassion and respect it deserves. We charge around $100 to euthanize an animal, includes the cost of disposal. Please call (951) 654-800 between 8:00 AM - 3:00 PM for an appointment.

We don’t mandate the fee if you need this service quickly for a suffering animal. We will take the remains for a donation of $15 and offer private cremation through a third party.

We take around two weeks to give you your pet’s ashes. You can also opt to donate any amount in the memory of your pet. We will honor you both in our quarterly newsletter, Pawsitive News. Please note that we hold the right to refuse euthanasia of any animal.

Humane Education

We consider humane education is significant for all ages. We need to educate others to be compassionate, responsible, and have respect toward the animals. Educators and parents can assist children by making them aware that all living things need to be treated with love.

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