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Surrendering a pet fee

At Ramona Humane Society, we accept pets by appointment. If you need to surrender your pet due to life circumstances, the intake fee is $125 for each pet. The fee helps us offset costs of caring for your pet(s). Each pet receives an exam, vaccines, deworming, spay/neuter food and veterinary care as they wait for adoption or rescue. We only accept pets within our jurisdiction, including Beaumont, Calimesa, Hemet, and San Jacinto. We are no longer accepting out of jurisdiction  pets due to capacity for care. Cost for caring can be as high as $340 depending on how long the pet stays in the shelter. If you can't afford the $125 fee, please see the resource guide for free options for rehoming your pet.

If you are not in our jurisdiction, please contact your local shelter. 

If you live within the jurisdiction of Riverside County’s San Jacinto Shelter, contact them at for more information on surrendering your pet for a fee. 

Documents Needed

  • Veterinary records and important documents.
  • Spay/neuter certificate
  • Vaccine records
  • Fill out the pet information/biography form.

Unwanted Behaviors?

Behavioral problems make most owners feel like surrendering their pets. Review the provided links below and review our resource guide. You are the best person to find solutions for your pet and we have the resources to help you.

If you can't find the right solution for unwanted behaviors, then you can find your pet a new family in which both the pet and human will be happier by checking the rehoming section in our resource guide provided to you. 

Humane Euthanasia

Ramona Humane Society

End of Life Rates

We believe that every pet required to be euthanized must feel the compassion and respect it deserves. The fee is $100 to euthanize a pet, includes the cost of communal cremation. Please use the link below for an appointment. We don’t mandate the fee if you need this service quickly for a suffering animal.

We will accept your pet's remains for communal cremation with a donation of $15 and we also offer private cremation through a third party at additional costs.

Turn around time for private cremation will take approximately two weeks for your pet’s cremains to return to our care.

You can also opt to donate any amount in the memory of your pet. We will honor you both in our current newsletter, Pawsitive News.

Please note that we hold the right to refuse euthanasia of any animal.


Individual cremation provides you with the opportunity to keep your pet’s cremains as a permanent and personal keepsake. When the cremation process is complete, we ensure that you receive only the cremated remains of your pet in your choice of urn.

If you choose to have your pet cremated and returned to you, choose from one of our urns to be included in your return package.


When you choose communal cremation, no cremains of your pet are returned to you, they will be spread out to sea. You may wish to consider a memorial paw print as a timeless remembrance.

We consider humane education an important aspect of RHS and is significant for all ages. We provide educational materials through our social media and encourage compassion and respect toward all animals. Educators and parents can assist children by making them aware that all living things need to be treated with love. Follow the links provided for more resources.

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